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Opening drawers

edited March 2007 in MarsEdit
Not really super important, but I'm just wondering if there were any way to control which sides the options and weblog drawers open.

I was trying to get the weblog drawer open on the right hand side, but the only way I could do it was to not give it enough screen space to open on the left side. The drawer pops back to the left side as soon as I reopen it with more screen space.



  • Hmm - yeah there isn't a preference for this right now, so it's sort of at the whim of the system, which is as you discovered, dependent on screen location.

    I'm not sure if the drawers will really be part of the long-term UI for MarsEdit ... that remains to be seen in 2.0 and beyond. So it might be a moot point :)

  • You can sort of control it. If you want the drawer on the right, move your window all the way to the left, and when you click the 'option' button it will open to the right ---- vice versa wors as well
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