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Search Function

edited September 2010 in General Discussion
I must be doing something wrong. I have about 800 posts. Periodically, I need to update an older one. However, when I try to search by the title of the post, I sometimes can’t find it, even though it is there.

How can I search by the exact title of the post and get only that post in the list of posts?



  • Michael, are you sure the older posts are being updated by MarsEdit when you refresh the posts list? Generally you only get the most recent 30 posts by default, so unless you have have increased that count it won't download older posts usually.

    This is definitely a shortcoming, but it's difficult for MarsEdit to download lots of the existing posts without making a big slowdown in the refresh process. So in a nutshell: if you are trying to update an older post than the number of posts MarsEdit downloads, you have to go into the web interface to edit it.

    I'm hoping in the future to make MarsEdit able to at least download, say, the huge list of all posts once, and thereafter only update the most recent posts without getting rid of the huge list.

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