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Hosted Wordpress Error

edited September 2010 in MarsEdit
Hello. I have been trying to set up MarEdit to update my hosted (on my server) WordPress blog. I can't seem to get it to configure. I have tried the auto configure, and it doesn't work. Below I get these errors. Can you send me the information that should be in the GENERAL PANE of the setup assistance so I can use the software? I buy after that. :-)

Post to Weblog Error
Can’t post for One book at a time. because the server reported an error: unexpected response code 412.

API Endpoint URL:

I have Atom publishing selected in Wordpress.




  • Hi Tom - usually this error code 412 is because of a security setting on the server that is refusing access to the API Endpoint URL.

    You can see the error even if you just try to load the API Endpoint URL in a browser.

    What I would do is get in touch with your hosting company and ask them what needs to be done to properly open up the security settings so that MarsEdit can access the XMLRPC URL.

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