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Recovery of old posts?

edited September 2010 in MarsEdit
Blog was deleted from it's host and I forgot to first get a db backup.
Marsedit had been used for many posts and when I open it I saw the posts.
I entered the new password for the new install on the new host, refreshed and the posts from the older blog disappeared. The couple of new ones I had made on the new install did appear.

This is my fault entirely but is there a way to recover the old posts?


  • Hi Mark - sorry to hear about your lost posts. There isn't really a backup in any supported sense, but there is a kind of "last-ditch" backup which you may be able to use to piece together some of your old entries.

    Look in MarsEdit's data folder, in the "Backups" folder:

    [Home] -> Library -> Application Support -> MarsEdit -> Backups

    What you'll find in here is a somewhat crude, text dump of every post you've ever sent from MarsEdit.

    Hope that helps!

  • Been having a poke around.

    In ~Library/Application Support/Marsedit/Posts there is a folder called 7CA6CB9E-C9CE-4671-A532-2BA5BE8BB032 and that contains all the posts I made to the blog in question. (There are 2 other folders with different numbers which correspond to 2 other blogs. And as you say there is the backups folder.)
    There is also Weblogs.plist
    So what I have been looking at - with no success - is a way to change something in the Weblogs.plist so it loads the folder. In the .plist at the bottom it has
    which would seem to indicate it does load that folder. And that means - if I am right so far - that something somewhere is saying "ignore those files" and that could be date related?

    But... 7CA6CB9E-C9CE-4671-A532-2BA5BE8BB032.plist also exists and that contains the 3 posts from the blog which appeared correctly when I refreshed. It does not have a uuid. Other .plist files which correspond to a folder have the posts inside from what I can see so again the .plist is ignoring the folder contents.

    And (still with me?) the folder 7CA6CB9E-C9CE-4671-A532-2BA5BE8BB032 does not contain the posts it got from the new blog and if I make a test post it does not create a numbered file such as 30.marsedit

    tl:dr I have been trying to see if I can modify a plist to load existing but old posts.

    The number of posts is small - I could have copied and pasted them in the time I have spent doing this - but it looked like a challenge :)
  • Heh, I suggest not taking this particular challenge. What you've stumbled upon in the deep dark recesses of MarsEdit is a sort of half-implemented feature to increase the number of posts that MarsEdit keeps around when you refresh a blog. But it's not ready for prime-time, and there's no way to get those posts to show up in MarsEdit right now.

    The long term goal is to be able to support this new feature and then, for folks who have been using MarsEdit for a while, magically have a bunch of these older posts appear in the list of posts that can be edited without refreshing.
  • Ah - thanks for the info. Kept me occupied for a while looking at it though :)
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