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Custom Fields after 3.0 Upgrade

edited September 2010 in MarsEdit
Got a strange thing happening here...

Installed a WordPress blog a while back using 2.8.X utilizing the More Fields plugin. Thank God for MarsEdit 3.X supporting these custom fields, but now, since updating WP to 3.X, a funny thing has started happening...

After creating all my posts in MarsEdit (this is a small newspaper website, so there are lots on any given day), I would then publish them and then switch to WordPress in a browser to add photos, captions, etc. (this was before I found the option to edit the Media styles, silly me...).

What's happening, after I edit the posts in the browser, it seems to lose all the custom field info I've filled out in MarsEdit.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


  • Hi there - if the custom fields "seem fine" after you publish with MarsEdit, but only get screwed up after editing on the web, I think it's a pretty strong indicator that the problem is in the WP installation or possibly in some plugins you have installed.

    One thing to try, to get MarsEdit out of the equation, would be to try publishing a post to your blog using only the web interface. If you set custom field values in the web interface and publish them, do they survive? What if you go in on the web interface and try to edit that post?

    It seems like something about your WP setup is causing custom fields to get lost when you edit on the web interface. Let's see if we can gather some more information to see if that hypothesis holds up or not!

  • Thanks for your help, Daniel.

    OK, after trying to create a new post completely via WordPress in a browser and THEN going back and editing it via the browser, yes, I lose my Custom Fields. So that's the issue.

    I guess what was confusing me was that even before I upgraded my WordPress from 2.8 to 3, the MarsEdit 3 update (which was compatible with this particular plug-in) seemed to work just fine.

    So I guess it's up to relying on WP 3's custom fields functionality to handle these, rather than the plug-in. Any idea on where to start there?

    Many thanks! (and thanks for such a great app; I despise working via the browser!)
  • I'm not sure I have a good enough understanding of where things are breaking down for you now, to advise where to go next.

    You were using a special plugin called "More Fields" before, and presumably those extra fields were also being used by your blog's theme, or something, to put those fields into some visible part of your blog post?

    Now your question is how to switch to using WordPress's own custom fields and dropping this More Fields plugin? I think there are too many variables here having to do with the design of the theme you are using and how they expect to find the custom field values. I am not sure how much help I will be on that front!

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