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A way to change the date/time on posts?

edited March 2007 in MarsEdit
Right now, I have to go into Blogger to do it...


  • This seems to be a bug in Blogger right now. MarsEdit will let you change the date (see Post -> Edit Date) but It doesn't respect the changed time when I send the message to Blogger. I've opened a thread about this on the Blogger developer group at Google, and am waiting for a reply.

  • How about for Blosxom? Or did I request that already? =|
  • Yep Greg - assuming this post:

    Covers your concerns, I'm definitely looking into solving this problem. I see now that you didn't explicitly request the ability to change the date, but I will lump that into the other request when I look into fixing the date problems with Blosxom.

  • Thanks Daniel! :)
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