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Black Ink 1.0 - Solve Crosswords With Style

edited March 2007 in Black Ink
Well, the news is out! Black Ink 1.0 was released today and is available for immediate download:



  • Great idea! You're going to sell a gazillion of these...
  • There was a crosswords application promoted on macZOT! not terribly long ago. It might've been to create them, I don't remember. Anyway. I remember thinking that it was really ugly, for a Mac app. I switched to this platform in part because I want both function *and* form, and my aesthetic standards are accordingly high; I don't enjoy using an app if it ain't purty. =] Black Ink looks just lovely, and I think I shall have to start putting aside a few pennies to purchase a license.

    Congrats on the release!
  • Talking of new products, why don't you be the one to implement my MyDreamApps idea (which should have won): "real-world Stickies"? See You'll sell a ka-trillion!
  • Seriously, what do you think? You could probably write it in a weekend...
  • Heh - I doubt that :) But to be honest I've got my plate MORE than full with all the apps I'm working on now. Never a dull moment, that's for sure.
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