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Wordpress Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

edited October 2010 in MarsEdit
Hi! I was wondering if MarsEdit does or will support Custom Post Types and Taxonomies in Wordpress.

I'm just getting back into blogging and have several blogs updated to Wordpress 3 and I'm currently playing with the revamped Custom Post Types and Taxonomies, which I really like.

If this is already possible in MarsEdit, could you please show me how to use it? If not, would you consider adding support for them in the future?

Thank you!


  • Hi Abishai - MarsEdit doesn't support custom post types yet, and I can't make any promises about if or when it will.

    Generally speaking I do like to try to support everything in a blog system, but since I'm trying to keep up with many different systems, it can be hard to catch up until a while after new features appear in the system.

    MarsEdit does support "Page" type entries, but that's it for now. I'm not sure if the new custom post types are even supported yet via the WordPress API (the mechanism MarsEdit uses to talk to WP).

  • Thanks Daniel!

    I'll have a look to see wether the Wordpress API supports custom post types and taxonomies.
  • Daniel, support for custom post types has been added in WP3.4... Any chance MarsEdit could handle it now? See for details.

    Seems ME would do a getPostTypes to build a list of the type for a given blog, then create a sidebar entry for each type.

    This would be wonderful and really open up the application to new uses.

  • Hi Eric - yes, it looks like it will be possible now, just a matter of getting the job done on my end. I'm always juggling lots of requests for new features but this is among the ones at the top of the list!
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