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MarsEdit and Private Tumblogs

edited October 2010 in MarsEdit
Hi there!

While the Tumblr API appears to include support for manipulating private Tumblogs, I've had no success getting MarsEdit to do so. Are there any plans to get this working in the future?

Thanks in advance!


  • The last time I checked, editing private Tumblogs was not supported by the Tumblr API. Did you find some documentation to suggest otherwise?
  • I believe I did, but I Am Not A Coder.

    From :

    Attributes on <tumblelog>:
    type: public or private
    private-id (private blogs only): The ID number for private blogs. Use this value for the group parameter on /api/write.
    name (public blogs only)
    url (public blogs only)
    avatar-url (public blogs only)
    is-primary: yes if this is the user's primary/default blog

    Either (a) that indicates that there's support for private tumblogs in the API, or (b) that means that Tumblr's documentation team is using the term "blog" interchangeably to use both "blog [collection of blog entries]" and "blog post," which would be incredibly confusing.

    But it's got my hopes up! :D
  • Thanks, I will look into this. Maybe they changed something since I last looked.
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