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Jump Links on blogger

edited October 2010 in MarsEdit
I'm trying to create jump links in blogger described here:

I can create them pretty easily in the HTML editor view of MarsEdit by sticking in the HTML comment. However, the next time it refreshes from the blog it has turned into an anchor tag and when it gets posted again it is no longer a jump link.

Is there any way to do this or do I need to reinsert the HTML comment everytime?


  • Hi Daniel - At some point I'd like to integrate support for this into MarsEdit so it doesn't require you editing the HTML or anything.

    I didn't realize how badly this behaves at the moment, so I'm going to add it to my TODO list to try to come up with something that at least alleviates the current behavior. It seems that Blogger converts the to the anchor you describe, but then when that anchor comes back in the edited post, they ignore it.

    So I guess MarsEdit needs to detect the anchor and convert it BACK to so that it will continue to be respected by Blogger.

    Sorry I can't think of a workaround in the mean time short of having to go back in as you suggest and change it back on every edit. I know that's a major drag, and I'm sorry.
  • Hey Daniel,
    Thanks for the follow up. I just bought a license, hoping that counts as a vote for a fix for this behavior :)

    Would an apple script work? Just to parse out the html link and re-insert the html comment?
  • Thanks for the purchase!

    AppleScript might be able to help a little. But … let me work on this and maybe I can get you a beta build with a fix within a week or so. I think I might be able to hack it fairly easily.
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