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What do the numbers do?

edited March 2007 in Black Ink
When I (accidentally) keyed a number from the number row, the number appeared in the center of the puzzle and I wasn't able to make it disappear. What does that do, and how do I get rid of it?

Great program, can't wait to try it out a bit more.


  • Hi! That's a pretty cool feature but I have to admit it would be a bit confusing when you don't know what it's supposed to do.

    It lets you jump directly to any clue in the puzzle. So if you're ready to jump to 23 across, just type 23 and hit return.

    If you accidentally hit a number, just hit ESC to get out of it.

    When you get used to it I hope you'll find it convenient for jumping around the puzzle.

  • It'd be cool if you could type "23D" to select 23-down.
  • Ah - good idea, Mark.
  • Ooh, I didn't notice this feature until I spotted this forum thread. It should be handy when I'm on a clue like "See 43-Down." This is a much smarter decision than what Across Lite does, which is enter the digit in the square. It's rare for puzzles to contain digits, whereas "See 43-Down" actually happens pretty often.
  • Andy: Yep this is a feature from MacXword that I think has really been undermarketed.

    Of course, numbers can appear in puzzles, but I think in that case the "enter multiple characters" option can be used to just enter the number digit.
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