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Line Breaks Suddenly Disappear

edited November 2010 in MarsEdit
I just had a problem with MarsEdit suddenly appear.

I always edit in HTML view. Previously, I would skip a line between paragraphs and everything was fine. Now, the paragraphs are all smashed together. If I look a post in MarsEdit, it looks like this:

That same text looks like this in the native WordPress Post Editor:

Why am I losing the line breaks? I have checked.

Here are the settings on blog Settings panel:


  • Michael - I believe the key is in your comment about how you previously put a blank line between the paragraphs. As far as I know the completely blank line is required in order to take advantage of WordPress's "automatic" paragraphs.

    What you write in the HTML editor in MarsEdit is *literally* what MarsEdit sends to the blog. You can confirm this by looking at the network log in MarsEdit, if you like.

    Since you are also familiar with Ecto, I wonder if you could try publishing the same HTML source from ecto. Does the line breaking behave any differently in that scenario, than it does from MarsEdit?
  • Daniel - it looks the exact same in ecto. Evidently, something is happening on the WordPress side to strip out these line breaks. I have not done anything different that I am aware of. The difficult thing is that if I want to edit a post after it has already been published, I have to add back the blank lines manually, or the paragraphs end up smashed together on my blog.

    Any ideas?
  • I found the problem. I had installed a WordPress plugin called WP-Minify. It strips out unnecessary white space in CSS files, javascript, etc. Unfortunately, it does the same thing in posts! This is clearly a bug—or at least not thoroughly thought through. I have reported it on their forum as well.

  • Great to hear that you found the root cause of the problem!
  • And it’s nice to know that it wasn’t MarsEdit!
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