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FR: List creation

edited March 2007 in MarsEdit
I'd like a way to automagically put the list code in a non html coded list.


  • Can you elaborate a little bit on this request? I'm not sure what you want. By "list code" do you mean like putting " " around a section of text?
  • I can select multiple lines of text, marsedit will automatically start and end each line with and and put either
        and their ending tags at the end of the entire selection. Hopefully that explains it better.
  • Aha! Yes, that clarifies things well :) In fact another user just recently pointed me at this script from

    And suggested that it should be a standard part of MarsEdit. I think I agree :) But in the mean time, try downloading that script, and putting it in your MarsEdit scripts folder (from the funny "Script" icon in the menu bar, choose Open Scripts Folder, then drag the script file in there).

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