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Post and edit entry to multiple weblogs

edited November 2010 in MarsEdit
I need something that can post the same item to multiple weblogs - and if needed (for example, to fix a typo) can subsequently edit the published entry.

Can this be done with Mars Edit?


  • Hi gulliver, I also replied to your email just now. Reproducing my response there for the benefit of other readers in this forum:

    MarsEdit can edit multiple web sites, but it can't do so "in bulk." You would have to copy and republish the post to each web site manually if you want the same content on each blog.

    For posting the same content to multiple blogs I would recommend using some kind of server-based plugin that will repost to other blogs when a post comes in to the server. I believe there is a WordPress plugin designed to do this.

  • Thanks.

    As such finctionality is available through plugins (I use them for WP and MT) is there any likelihood of it becoming available within MarsEdit?
  • It is not something I am ruling out adding to MarsEdit, however it's not among my top priorities.
  • Ok, thanks.
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