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edited November 2010 in MarsEdit
Hi Daniel,

In pre-WYSIWYG MarsEdit, there used to be a feature that let you edit the list of formatting options. I can't find any way to do that in v3. I want to edit the list because I want to add strikethrough to it as a formatting option. Do you have any plans to support strikethrough formatting, or is there any way I can add it myself as before?



  • Hi James - the customizable "markup macros" are still there in 3.0, but only in the plain-text HTML editing mode. I haven't had a chance yet to implement support for them in "Rich Mode."

    So unfortunately, you can't easily add your own command for strike through in rich mode. But, yes, I have had a couple requests for this and plan to add it at some point -- hopefully soon!

  • I wonder if it's just Wordpress, or if this is something that MarsEdit is doing, but Strikethrough text gets lost between writing and posting. Editing in Rich Text shows the strikethrough, but when I go to post, the strikethrough attribute is lost in the final post.

  • Hi dg - it looks like there is a bug in the rich editor, where strikethroughs set there don't "stick" when the post is converted back to HTML for sending to the blog. I'm writing a bug to myself about this and will try to get it fixed soon.

    It looks like it only affects new strikethroughs added in the rich editor. If for example you open an existing post with strikethroughs, or add strikethrough in the HTML Text editing mode, the strikethrough will stick.
  • I know this is almost a year old now, but I too would like this formatting option. I don't use wordpress, so I'd like it if this could be added to MarsEdit. Surely it's no more complicated that italic or underline?
  • Hi antonyh - the ability to customize the markup macros is still there, but it just hasn't made the leap yet over to RIch Text mode in MarsEdit. So if you are using HTML Text mode, the feature is still there as ever.

    I hope to make the feature available in rich mode soon, which would allow all the same levels of customization as you were used to in HTML Text mode in 2.0.

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