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Re-editing Tumblr posts does not work

edited December 2010 in MarsEdit
Hi Daniel,

Posting to Tumblr works just fine since the last update, for some exceptions. When I publish a post through MarsEdit and edit it afterwards, the changes do not show up on my blog.
Then when I edit the same post through the web interface, the changes are there, just the formatting lost, I have to redo this on the web.

A similar thing happens when I publish a private post to tumblr, open it in MarsEdit and update it as public - the formatting (on the web) is partly there, only paragraphs get lost. Also, sometimes when I set a post to be public afterwards, MarsEdit keeps endlessly asking me for my tumblr password. The only way to solve this is to delete the blog from MarsEdit and add it again. Then I can publish the same post from the local drafts.

I hope I was able to describe the issues appropriately since I am really confused about it myself.



  • Hi Michael - it seems that Tumblr is having some caching issues. See this thread:

    I recommend contacting them to let them know if you are suffering from this as feedback from regular customers may be helpful in setting their priorities
  • Hey again Daniel,

    Yes, I saw it a few hours later - sorry. Also I noticed that the changes do in fact go through, but after a long period of time, just like it is the case for other users.

    Yes, I'll shoot them a mail now. It's a pity that tumblr is having such growing pains lately.

    Thank you again,
  • Glad to hear your experience is consistent with the other people seeing this issue. Thanks for emailing them!
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