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why does my URL for my blog get changed when using marsedit?

edited December 2010 in MarsEdit
im new to all this blogging and so this might be a bit of a dumb question. I have a blog on and i have been posting there for a while. i wanted to link my livejournal account so that one blog post would be easily submitted to two blog sites. research online lead me to marsedit - which is a great tool.
with my livejournal link up all is well and my posts go directly to my LJ account.
with my account however, my url has been changed from to
With the added ?p=45 it means that my original blog site hasnt been updated.
anyone got any ideas where i am going wrong in linking up my account?

cheers and happy new year to you guys when it comes.


  • Hi Craig - sorry I was a little slow to follow up in the forums here. I have since responded to your separate email inquiry, so I think this it is probably not necessary to follow up here.
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