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Feature request - more options for closing a puzzle

edited March 2007 in Black Ink
I'd like puzzles to disappear when I'm done with them. I suppose some people don't, so this would have to be a preference setting for what happens when you close a puzzle. There might be multiple levels:

1. The current behavior (prompt if unsaved changes).
2. Auto-retentive (don't ask, always save).
3. Dismissive (if puzzle is finished, discard changes).
4. Clean sweep (if finished, discard changes and delete file).

Or maybe you can divide this into two preferences, with independent settings for what to do if the puzzle is/isn't complete (and correct).


  • And another request left over from MacXword: better rendering of multiple letters in a square. You could get at least four, maybe six legible letters into a square by breaking them into two lines. It would be a big help for novelty puzzles.

    Instead of AB... we could see


    or maybe even

  • Interesting ideas. I'll add both of them to my planning files for future changes.
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