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Posts/Categories not showing up

edited January 2011 in MarsEdit
I'm trying to get my new mac setup and the one thing missing is a blogging app -- got MarsEdit upon recommendations, and for some reason i can't seem to get it working using the metaWeblog API.

I have w.bloggar setup and running just fine under Win7, and it's using metaWeblog... kind of at a loss as to what the deal is.

here's a link to a network log file:


  • Hi there - can you tell me exactly what is not working? The log you linked to seems to show MarsEdit being happy with the gist of the responses, but maybe something is happening later when it tries to process the content of the posts. What does MarsEdit do when you try to refresh the blog. Does it display an error?
  • hey daniel, i've been trying to get this working for the last couple nights without much success.. been pouring over the metaWeblog API (which i haven't done in years), and everything seems to check out.

    at the moment, MarsEdit simply doesn't show anything... no blog post titles, no categories... here's a link to a screenshot of what i'm seeing when i pull it up and click on the 'refresh' icon:

    is there a list of all the API (metaWeblog) calls that marsedit is using that i can see or reference? or see what the request/responses should be? finding it hard to troubleshoot.
  • Can I clarify something? Is this a custom metaWeblog implementation you're working on? I am a little concerned about all the capital tag names in the network log you sent. I don't think those would cause a problem but they are certainly unusual. Is it something you could arrange to be lower-cased? I wonder if that would help at all.

    Let me know if I'm not making any sense.
  • edited January 2011
    No problem dude - yeah, it's a 'custom' blog (not blogger, wordpress, etc.), but one i wrote in CF/SQL2K years ago and just been using it for my personal blog for years now... using an XMLRPC.CFC component for CFMX.

    I just edited the XMLRPC component to output the tags in lowercase, and for the first time i've actually gotten some blog posts in MarsEdit! :)


    Network Log:

    The only thing missing is the blog categories... how are those supposed to be handled? I see that it's successfully calling "metaWeblog.getCategories" and pulling back all my blog categories, but it's not populating the Category column in MarsEdit... not sure i can submit a new blog post without a category. (?)

    I even added the Category to "metaWeblog.getRecentPosts" to see if that was the issue, but still not populating the column. *sigh*
  • Glad you got it (mostly) working!

    Generally when hacking on your own implementation the best trick for debugging is to compare your network log to the network log for some working system that uses the same API, e.g. WordPress.

    In this case your network log reveals that your getCategories response is only populating the "description" field for categories. The value that MarsEdit actually uses for the list in the post editor window is the "categoryName" field.
  • Thanks Daniel :D

    Think you're right about checking against something where it's working (WP) and seeing if i can reverse engineer these API calls against what i seem to be getting back in my calls.

    looking up "categoryName" in the api spec now - should be able to add that in simply enough.
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