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Uploading images to a specific directory on Squarespace?

edited January 2011 in MarsEdit
Is there any way to use the "section" field to upload to a specific directory on Squarespace? I've been experimenting, but can't figure out what the Section field does.

Any advice appreciated!



  • Hi Debbie - the way the "section" field works is it causes MarsEdit to send the file in such a way that it has a sort of "path structure", so if you upload a file called "apple.jpg" and say "fruits" for section, it sends the file to Squarespace as "fruits/apple.jpg".

    I seem to recall that Squarespace doesn't handle this in any special way. So this would be something you might want to contact them about. Actually, I have a contact at Squarespace now who has been very helpful, so I'll drop him a line and point him to this thread so he knows you are interested in this.

  • Thanks so much, Daniel! I'll contact Squarespace, but I predict that my request will be passed on to their developers as a consideration and that'll be it. I'll give it a go, however.
  • edited January 2011
    FYI, I did a test upload of an image ("HandStudy.jpg") to my site using MarsEdit, and in the "Section" field, I put "Debbie/Illustrations". I was hoping it would be uploaded to my Debbie/Illustrations folder but instead the Section text was treated like part of the file name:

    Sadly, this means that I probably won't be using MarsEdit to do much image uploading to my blogs since it would mean that ALL the images would just be dumped in the default directory. Since I do a LOT of image uploading, I'd rather not go that route.

  • By the way, I know this would need to be fixed on Squarespace's end, not MarsEdit's. I've posted a request to Squarespace Support and will let you know what they say.
  • Thanks for the details, Debbie. I think this information will be very useful to the Squarespace team. My sense is they are very responsive and have a team that is interested in following up on issues like this. I'm going to contact them about this tomorrow, but since it's the weekend, I won't be suprised if we have to wait until some time next week to get a response.
  • Ok, here's the response I received:


    "Squarespace v6 is underway like you wouldn't believe, but unfortunately, we can't disclose what we have in store but it's going to be HUGE. We wish we could disclose it but it's gonna be years ahead of the competitors so we don't want to give away our secrets ;)

    With some of the changes coming down into v6 I think integration with external blogging clients might be more easily integrated. I can't say for certain, but I can forward this to our engineers to put your check in the tally for more compatibility with MarsEdit."


    I've received the "next version is going to be huge, can't say when because of our competitors (smileyface emoticon)" response before. Was excited when I first read it but now, I confess the shine has worn off. I do still love Squarespace but I hope the next major release comes out soon.

    Anyway, thanks again for your responsiveness, Daniel. I LOOOOOOOOVE MarsEdit. I've found the Squarespace blog posting interface laggy/unwieldy, but using MarsEdit has made posting much more efficient and enjoyable.
  • Thanks for the update. I have a personal contact I'm going to get in touch with, just to make sure it's understood what you're looking for, and he can decide how feasible it is for them to support it.
  • Thanks, Daniel!

    Here's the cartoon I just did as a result of my discussion with SS about MarsEdit:

  • Haha! That is awesome. I hope you tweet it and mention @Squarespace, I think they would get a kick out of it :)
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