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Preferences not sticking?

edited March 2007 in Black Ink
Sorry Daniel, you're probably getting hammered right now, but thought you'd want to know.

I'm running a 10.4.9 on a Mac Pro with 3 GB RAM. I can't seem to get changes to the preferences to stick at all... Is there any difference between just clicking the red close button, and the large "close preferences" button in the bottom right corner of the prefs window?

Also, is there a way to make the arrow keys behave a little differently? I would like to be able to move from a Down word, for example, to the next Down word on either side by hitting the right/left arrow keys. Then, to switch direction, hit Return or Enter? Wasn't that the way it used to work, or was that in AcrossLite???

Anyway, bottom line: thanks so much for picking up this app and finally releasing an Intel-compatible version!!! I was so bummed to discover that MacXword didn't work at all on the new machine, and was thrilled when I saw the item about this on Daring Fireball yesterday!

Good luck,


  • Hi John - let me open my magic 8 ball :) Actually my magic list of bugs that I know about and am quickly fixing ...

    The preferences that are "not sticking" are in the Solving pane ... probably having to do with "move to next blank" type settings. Am I warm?

    Look for a fix SOON ... hopefully later today.

    I don't think the keyboard behavior you're describing was ever in MacXword, but I will see what I can do about offering that option in a future update.

    I'm really glad you're excited to see the new app!

  • Sorry, guess I wasn't very specific about which preferences… Yes, you're right that I was talking about the ones under Solving! Unfortunately, I can't tell if changing *any* of the prefs in there makes any difference!

    I'll look forward to the update soon...

  • edited April 2007
    Thanks Daniel, just downloaded 1.0.2, and things are much better.

    I'm still stuck on wanting another navigation option though:

    Could there be some way to move to an adjacent word from the keyboard, *while not changing direction*? i.e. move from 1D to 2D without having to arrow-right, then arrow-up/down? Could it possibly be mapped to the enter key? The return key could keep the default cycle-through-all-clues behavior, but enter could move you up/down or right/left without switching direction (across or down)? Even cooler would be if you could use shift to reverse the direction. For example: 1D is active; hitting enter moves you to 2D; shift-enter moves you back to 1D (behavior would be the same if you were in an across word, except enter would move you to the neighboring clue below, and shift-enter would move to the neighboring clue above.

    I know, probably a lot to ask, but hey, can't hurt to ask anyway, right?

    Thanks for all the great work. We're all enjoying ourselves immensely, while brainstorming improvements at the same time!

  • I agree we need something to move around more easily without affecting the orientation. Maybe something as simple as holding shift while arrowing?

    Note that for the 1D -> 2D case you cite, you can use tab and shift-tab to do the moving. The problem is if you want to go from like 1A to 14A (down one row)...

  • Maybe something as simple as holding shift while arrowing?

    That would be perfect!

    The problem with the 1D -> 2D example is that it stops working with tab/shift-tab as soon as you get into the puzzle far enough that something like 20D is immediately left of the bottom part of something like 3D! (Hope that makes some sense!)

    Anyway, I'm just thrilled that you agree that an additional navigation tool is good idea, if only for us keyboard-oriented types. How you implement it is up to you (obviously).

    Thanks for giving it some thought.

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