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Suggest for new media upload source: Picasa

edited January 2011 in MarsEdit
Is there any possibility of adding Picasa to the MarsEdit list of media sources, in addition to Flickr?

Since Squarespace currently does not allow users to upload into a specific folder via MarsEdit, I'm looking for other alternatives. I've been using Flickr for some images, but Flickr is not great for times when I want to include just a one-off promo image like a blog header or writer headshot....I don't want to clutter up my Flickr Friends' feeds.

Picasa, on the other hand, would be ideal for storing blog post images.

Fingers crossed,



  • Hi Inkygirl, it's a good idea. One of these days I hope to support a "plugin" structure in MarsEdit so that many different sources could possibly be supported.

    As it happens, MarsEdit does know how to upload to Picasa, because Picasa is where images go for "Blogger" style blogs. So if you set up a Blogger blog through your Google account, and then configure that blog in MarsEdit, then uploads to that "blog" will incidentally go into Picasa. And you can use the "Section" field in MarsEdit to name the Picasa album that it goes into.

    This might, somehow, be useful to you if you are interested in setting up a "dummy" blog that just directs MarsEdit to upload images to Picasa. Kind of a clunky way of achieving the solution, though.
  • Thanks for this info, Daniel! It may be a clunky solution, but will still save me from having to manually insert images once MarsEdit uploads posts. Hopefully Squarespace will fix their end of things soon, though!

    I continue to be impressed by your responsiveness in the MarsEdit forums.
  • Just set up the blog as you described, Daniel, and it's works WONDERFULLY. I can upload any blog images to Picasa this way and then reference them from my regular blogs. No need to worry about all my images being dumped into a general directory on Squarespace.

  • So glad to hear that works well for you. I appreciated seeing your praise on Twitter, too ;)
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