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Size of images in a post

edited January 2011 in MarsEdit

I'm interested in Marsedit; Blogo not being maintained anymore unfortunatly. There is a feature in Blogo I can't find in Marsedit. When I want to insert a picture, Blogo offers me to choose not only the full size of the picture, but also the size of the thumbnail which will appear in the post. Like this I can also have lightbox effect when one click on the thumbnail. I don't see such a feature on Marsedit. How do you to set up your pictures so the fit in your theme and still you can have them full size using plugins like Lightbox for example. I hope I have been clear :)


  • Thank you for your interest in MarsEdit! At this time, unfortunately, MarsEdit doesn't have any support for this kind of thumbnailing effect. I realize this would be a cool feature and it's on my list of enhancements to consider in the future.
  • Thank you for your answer and for the promo on Mac App Store. I've taken advantage of it to buy MarsEdit :). How people are doing then to get a thumbnail in their post ? I have Thesis as Wordpress theme and I always get pictures too bih when I post them with MarsEdit. I can't figure out how to manage that.
  • Thank you for buying MarsEdit!

    I'm not sure how many people are using MarsEdit to create the type of thumbnails where it links to a larger version of the image.

    But if you just want to make sure the images are not as big, you can resize the image in the Media Manager window, when you select an image to insert into your post, look in the details of the window and find the text fields for width and height of the image. Whatever you select here will cause the image to be resized before it is inserted and uploaded to your blog.

    You can change the default size limit for images, in MarsEdit's blog settings, under "Editing" -> "Media Defaults". For example you could set it up so that images inserted with MarsEdit into your blog are never more than 200x200 pixels, and then only change the values in the Media Manager if you ever want to have a larger or smaller size than that.

  • I would use MarsEdit if there was a way to do it ;)

    It also depends which kind of thumbnail you mean, if you mean a smaller picture with uses a lightbox effect to show a larger version then here is how I'm doing it. What I'm doing now is to use an applescript that tell Aperture (my photo management software) to generate three different sizes of the image, then it uploads the images to my image server, then it generates a post in MarsEdit using the title/caption/keywords/date from the photo. I can do this for a single photo or multiple photos where each photo generates an entry in MarsEdit. One example of end result can be seen here -

    If you mean "featured image" then I have no idea of how to do it (never tried)
  • Daniel Jalkut said:

    I'm not sure how many people are using MarsEdit to create the type of thumbnails where it links to a larger version of the image.
    Me! Fancybox is a great feature for visually enhancing your blog and using the Wordpress interface is kind of naff when compared to the integration of MarsEdit.
  • Me, too.
    Greetings from Germany!
  • edited January 2011
    Hello everyone. Also I would love to have in post a small preview image and click on it to see its original size. We hope that the good Daniel add this feature in the next release of Mars Edit.

    Recently I have also struggled with the publication of images on my blog because Mars Edit tended to scale the height of the images to no more than 800px (my blog uses very large image) by the photo be published very ugly and grainy.
    Then I went into the HTML of the post and I had the idea to change this passage:
    XXX.jpg? imgmax = 800 "border =" 0 "alt =" XXX.jpg "width ="800 "height =" 1455 "/> </ p>

    in this way:
    XXX.jpg? imgmax = 1455 "border =" 0 "alt =" XXX.jpg "width ="800 "height =" 1455 "/> </ p>

    Here are the results published (second image):

    In doing so the photo was published correctly. I hope this post is helpful to other people trying to post images much developed in height with Mars Edit and see the result of poor quality.

    (sorry for the grammar. I translated into English with Google Translator)
  • Hi Fotomomo - I am working on some improvements for the next update that will at least hopefully cause the quality of images to be better when resized.

    I think the 800 pixel limitation is because of Blogger's Picasa only supporting that as a maximum size. I'll have to double-check whether that is still a limitation.
  • I'm trying to switch my wife over from Ecto (I made the jump a while ago and never looked back). After FINALLY getting her WP template set, her main complaint (mine too, actually) is that once an image is inserted into a post, you can't change the size, etc. without removing it (and removing the file to upload) and then re-adding it.

    If you're trying to get it to lay out a certain way in your template, this can take a lot of trial and error. Would be *really* nice to be able to change the size of images within a post before uploading and have them reflected in the post.
  • Thanks, David. I agree it would be great to support direct resizing of photos. It's still on my TODO list.
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