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Breaks Being Removed

edited January 2011 in MarsEdit
I just bought MarsEdit after having used Ecto for a long time, and am in the process of moving over some of my "templates". I noticed a problem with MarsEdit removing some of my breaks when switching between HTML and Rich Text views. Here's an example line

<p class=\"post\"><strong>TEXT1</strong><br />TEXT2</p><br clear=\"all\" />

which will turn into this when you switch from HTML to Rich Text and back again:

<p class=\"post\"><strong>TEXT1</strong><br />TEXT2</p>
<p> </p>

I've tried some other methods such as:

<p class=\"post\"><strong>TEXT1</strong><br />TEXT2</p><div style=\"clear:both;\">&nbsp;</div>

But that turns into this when you do the switch one time (removes the  ):

<p class=\"post\"><strong>TEXT1</strong><br />TEXT2</p>
<div style=\"clear: both;\"></div>

And if you switch again without making a single change the div is removed:

<p class=\"post\"><strong>TEXT1</strong><br />TEXT2</p>

I'm hoping there is some better solution to this without it being "just use the HTML view the whole time". I need to clear floating elements such as images which is what I'm trying to accomplish here. Any help is much appreciated!



  • edited January 2011
    Hi Ryan - thanks for reporting this. So in a nutshell, the problem is the
    <br clear=\"all'>
    is being removed? I'll look into this.
  • Yep, that is pretty much the issue. The way it handles the div with the   is also a bit weird, but fixing the
    would be awesome. Thanks for the fast response by the way!
  • I may have a comparable issue, but all I can see is "TEXT1TEXT2" and "So in a nutshell, the problem is the ". Seems somewhere between you and me the tags or whatevers got lost...
    Sorry for the OT comment.
  • Hi Thomas - this is a side-effect of the conversion to this new forum software. Sorry about this, I'm trying to fix the formatting now.
  • Thomas - I am having trouble figuring out how to get the new forums to show the literal HTML, but I updated the comment to show the gist of it, that a br tag is being removed.
  • Ah, and I thought it was me or Firefox.
    Btw, the third example runs over, cut off by the right column
    (just ran into the same issue with HTML, of course.)
  • For now, I don't use the richt text editor because I lost some precious spaces and some breaks, too.
    Sorry, I can't tell exact circumstances. But it definitely didn't feel like switching between two variants of the same text (yet). (Similar issues with WordPress, btw)
  • Hi Thomas - there are some similar concerns in your comments as with Eric's over here:

    Unfortunately the rich editor is not idea right now for preserving spacing perfectly in your HTML source. If you do find specific issues and you want to make sure they're on my "TODO list" for future fixes, be sure to drop me a line here or by email
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