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New Forum Software

I got a little annoyed with the old forum software and thought it was a good excuse to try something new.

I know there may be a few quirks here as we start off, first among them that your existing account has been migrated to the new forum, but your old password will no longer work.

Let me know in this discussion what is or isn't workout with these new forums and I'll do my best to address any concerns.



  • No interface to upload a photo?

    Any way to narrow these hugely wide windows? I can't see what I'm typing.

  • I guess the forum software doesn't support images. I hadn't considered that when I chose it.

    As for narrowing the windows … you mean the typing area when you are writing a comment? I guess it doesn't have a way to get more narrow. It's probably something I can change thanks to the themability of the forum, but I'm not sure how hard it will be.

  • oh i meant profile photo. we see a photo of you, but the rest of us are silhouettes. :)
  • Hmm - it doesn't let you upload something from the profile page? I'll have to look into this.
  • The profile photos are run by Gravatar ( ) go set one up and it will show up on your profile here. Make sure you set it up with the email you're using here.
  • Thanks, curtismchale. I suppose I should have known that!
  • No problem, we all have days when obvious things aren't.
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