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MarsEdit and Journler

edited March 2007 in MarsEdit
Hi All new to the Forums...

Seen that MarsEdit worked with the new Blogger and had to download the Demo. LOVE it!

However I also use Journler. It doesn't support Blogger.

I would love to have a way to get my Thoughts from Journler and into MarsEdit for posting. Not much of a Coder and also new to blogging. All I know is that both are Scriptable.

Any help is appreciated.

EDIT I found a script that works, see Journler to MarsEdit. I was reading a reply post at the Journler Forums...
And, since MarsEdit is scriptable, it would certainly be possible to write a script that would take the rich text of a Journal entry and transfer it to MarsEdit and send it. I don't have a blog (though I do have MarsEdit) so I can't do it, having no way to test it.
But I don't think it makes use of the Rich Text. Is this possible?

Thanks again!


  • Glad you found that script - looks like a handy and creative way to solve the problem.

    I replied in the Journler forum you were writing in:

    The gist of it is that MarsEdit is a "what you see is what you SEND" editor. So you want to ask for the "html text" of the Journler post instead of the "rich text". It's kind of ironic that to get the richness, you have to ask for the html :)

  • Thanks for the quick response. I read your post at the Journler Forum and attempted to make the change that you suggested...the script failed to run.

    Thought I would go ahead and post the original script...

    on run
    tell application \"Journler\"
    set curNote to selected entries of tib 1 of window 1
    set nrOfItems to number of items of curNote
    repeat with ll from 1 to nrOfItems
    set msgTitle to name of item ll of curNote
    set msgText to rich text of item ll of curNote
    my makeMarsEditPost(msgTitle, msgText)
    end repeat
    end tell
    end run

    on makeMarsEditPost(postTitle, postContent)
    tell application \"MarsEdit\"
    make new post window
    tell post window 1
    set title to postTitle
    set body to postContent
    end tell
    end tell
    end makeMarsEditPost

    Along with your suggestion...
    Daniel said:
    I'm glad you found this script - it looks like a great aid - one thing I would change is the line:

    set msgText to rich text of item ll of curNote

    Instead of asking for the rich text of the item, it should ask for the "html text":

    set msgText to html text of item ll of curNote

    The reason is that MarsEdit it not a "rich text" editor ... so ironically the richness of the text will be accurately preserved only by sending the HTML text to it.
    Maybe someone can figure out how to implement the change you have suggested to better performance of the script and the intergration of two GREAT apps.
  • I got in touch with Phil Dow who is the developer of Journler, and he was very receptive to the issue. Basically, he accidentally omitted the "html text" attribute from Journler 2.5's scripting support, but he'll be fixing it and releasing an update very soon.

    So I guess hold tight for a few days and wait for the update!

  • Just read the same news at the Journler Forum - Monday or Tuesday. Great to see that two Developers with great apps can work together so their software can work together.

    Looks like the old wallet is gonna be short a few more buck next payday.

    Thanks for the support!
  • edited March 2007
    Here's a script to send an entry from Mori, Hog Bay Software's wonderful notebook app:
    tell application \"Mori\"
    set postTitle to name of current entry
    set postBody to note of current entry
    end tell

    tell application \"MarsEdit\"
    make new post window
    tell post window 1
    set title to postTitle
    set body to postBody
    end tell
    end tell
  • Awesome, acoyne! Thanks for sharing that. Mori is very cool, and Jesse is a cool developer, too.
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