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Autosave or Update Draft Immediately Before Posting It

edited March 2007 in MarsEdit
I really don't know how this happened but after updating to 1.1.6 I opened up a draft, polished it up and tried to send it. But ME asked me for a password (which should have been there). I did and it would briefly try to post and stop. After that I saved the draft (or so I thought) because it was probably a KeyChain issue, restarted ME only to find my draft was exactly the way it was when before I worked on it. I was a bit shocked to lose my work.

Is there any possibility you can add some kind of auto-save preference or keep drafts x days after posting (with an update to the draft immediately before posting).

I'm not angry at anybody because these things happen but I would like to see some more safeguards. I was dead tired as I wrote it and now I'm going to have to summon some more energy to finish it up. I know I should save before I post but that's a hassle.


  • Hi Baron - I appreciate how frustrating it must be to lose data like that. Let me keep my fingers crossed for a while longer and hope that you discover MarsEdit has actually done something like what you're hoping for. Look in the folder:

    "~/Library/Application Support/MarsEdit/Backups"

    It might actually be worth doing a Spotlight search on the "MarsEdit" application support folder to make sure it didn't get stashed away somewhere in there.

    I'm really sorry if it is indeed lost. I'm going to save this post and try to look more carefully into the exact circumstances that caused your failure.

  • Unfortunately, no and it doesn't matter anymore. I've embellished the draft again and put it up. It was a rare occurence and I should have been more alert when the password dialog came up after updating ME. Although it's not reproducible it wasn't my imagination so this is just a heads up. It could really be anything from permissions, Keychain issues, or bad luck.

    It is nice to see the steady stream of updates so keep up the good work!
  • Thanks Baron - I will keep my eyes open to see if there are any extra safety checks I can make to avoid this kind of problem. I really appreciate your taking the loss in stride.

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