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Link target= tags in rich editor

edited March 2011 in General Discussion
Love the app - but there is one core issue I have... the rich editor needs to be able to allow the user to set the target properties - I need to be able to se my links to open in a new window. I know I can do this in HTML - but the whole reason for an editor like this is efficiency. Did I miss the functionality somewhere - because adding that manually to all of my links is not working for me.


  • Hi duboseven - you're not missing anything. This is on my TODO list but it's not currently a feature of MarsEdit to specify the target for a link in the rich editor.
  • Thanks for the response.... do you have an ETA - ?
  • It appears you can add the TARGET attribute to the HREF after the page is posted from MarsEdit. I use WordPress and I was able to do this in the HTML edit view.

    HREF="yourpage.htm" target="_blank"

    But of course you will loose it the next time you upload with MarsEdit but it does give you a workaround.

  • Hi duboseven: I have a policy not to make estimates about when bug-fiexes or features will be implemented. It's too easy to misestimate and that only leads to disappointment.

    Mark: did you confirm that the target attribute is lost when you edit the post in MarsEdit? Generally speaking it should preserve existing HTML unless you actually edit the content of, e.g. the link in question.
  • Any progress on this issue? It is a problem to have to add the target manually. There should be a way to do this from the link dialog. Thanks!
  • Hi Gene - I don't have anything to report on this feature, but it's still on my TODO list. Sorry for the frustration in the mean time.
  • I am trying to enter new Url in for the Daily Crossword. I had Techs 2 level and they cant do. I have Windows 7 system on computer. Does anyone have any ideas ?
    Dick Lee
  • Hi yumadick - I think you meant this post for the Black Ink forums? In any case please check out the posts in this thread:

    Where we are discussing the missing puzzle sources and hopes for renewed support of them.
  • edited June 2011
    Been working with this great app for the last 5 months. Pending this new feature I "solved" my problem by switching to HTML edit mode then doing a replace of all '<a' to '<a target="_blank"'.
    Not the best but at least it's done in just a few seconds.
    The new feature will be very much appreciated...
  • Thanks, gualo. Yeah, that is a decent, though cumbersome workaround. Desire for the new feature still very much appreciated.
  • I'm exploring desktop blog software and MarsEdit looks very good ... however, besides the lacking target= tag, there is also no title= tag. Maybe something that could be requested when developer(s) are working on the target= request? :)

    p.s. I noticed in another blog app the option to tag words to automatically being replaced by links ... not a requirement, but useful (maybe not for everybody) :)
  • Thanks for the feedback. Yes, hopefully when I (finally!) get around to adding the support for target attribute, I'll also be able to include title.

    Agree that the auto-linking functionality would be very cool, too.
  • Hi Daniel! Just checking back on this feature again.
  • Checking back in (from last March) - I know how it is with project load and family... but I was wondering is there a way I can edit the template files to automatically set a link type (that would do it)....
  • duboseven: If you are editing in HTML text mode, you could use a custom "Markup Macro" to hard-code a different format for links generated by that macro. In HTML mode, select "Edit…" from the bottom of the Format menu to get a feel for this. You can look in the existing "Link" item to see how the macro formatting works.

    Unfortunately these custom macros don't currently work in Rich Text mode but this is something I hope to fix soon.

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