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Support for WordPress 3.1 Post Formats?

edited March 2011 in MarsEdit
Does the latest version of MarsEdit support the new WordPress Post Formats feature? Am I just missing something in how I config my blog in the app?

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  • Hi Jeff - no, MarsEdit doesn't yet support these new post formats. I am not able to keep up with all the newest features of all blog systems, but I try to pick and choose when possible to get the most wanted features implemented in MarsEdit, when possible. Post formats for WordPress is definitely on my TODO list.
  • Thanks for the reply, Daniel. I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly.

    The workaround, of course, is not too bad. For anyone who might come across this post later:

    1. Create and finalize the post in MarsEdit, but don't include the little nugget (technical term) specific to the post type. For example, don't insert the picture for an "Image" post into the body of the post in MarsEdit. WordPress won't do what it needs to with the post type if you do it that way. Write the post body in MarsEdit, but hold onto the image/quote/link/etc. You'll take care of that in WordPress' web UI in a later step.

    2. Post it to WordPress from MarsEdit as a Draft.

    3. Log into your site's WordPress Dashboard and edit the post in the web-based editor.

    4. Select the post format/type (aside, image, audio, video, etc....whatever your template supports) you want to use.

    5. Now add the data specific to the post type that was discussed in #1. How you do this will vary depending on the template you are using, but templates that support the new WordPress post formats should have custom fields where you can add the photo for Image posts, the URL for link posts, the quote attribution for quote posts, etc.

    6. Before publishing publicly, re-save the post as a Draft through the web UI and take a look at the Preview, especially if it's the first time you've created a post of this type.

    7. If all is well, hit "Publish".

    8. Go back to MarsEdit and re-sync to make sure you've got the changes locally.

    Hope that helps someone.

    And, again, thanks, Daniel!


  • Thanks for the workaround info! Not "too" bad but still, having to go into the web UI is a pain :)
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