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Something wrong with Houston Chronicle download.

edited March 2011 in Black Ink
I haven't been able to download a new Houston Chronicle puzzle since March 25th. What, if anything, has happened to that one?



  • Hi Don - thanks for bringing this to my attention. Unfortunately, it looks as though the Houston Chronicle has discontinued their puzzle feature:

    "The crossword puzzle feature has been discontinued on
    Please visit for our current list of games."
  • So sad to hear this. That was a daily 'look forward' to puzzle! Hope you can come by some other good dailies to make up for the loss, soon! :D

    Thanks for all your hard work on this!

  • I always find it really distressing when puzzles just up and disappear like this. I hope to find some good replacements, too.
  • I agree with DonRicklin — a daily 'look forward to' puzzle.
    Thanks Daniel, for looking for us.
  • There's some cause for hope that the Houston Chronicle might come back.

    I was planning to remove the puzzle from the default sources in the next release of Black Ink, but then I noticed this promising message on the Chronicle web site (

    "We've made arrangements for a new, daily online crossword -- expect to see it soon!"

    So I'm going to wait and hope that it comes back soon!

  • June 1st and it seems like we may have lost Daily, now.Can only bring up 5/31/2011!

    And what is happening with the new daily mentioned in the post of April 6th?


    Thank you for the recent update!
  • Hi Don - another customer noticed the Thinks Daily omission. Hopefully this is just a fluke. Sometimes the sources are late for a day or miss a day for whatever reason (somebody sick at the office?). Let's see if it comes back soon.

    Unfortunately the new Houston Chronicle puzzle looks like it's a syndicated puzzle that is not available in the .PUZ format that Black Ink can solve.
  • No luck June 1 or 2 on Will try later in day. Mehopes it hasn't gone AWOL as well.
  • Same issue here! :(

    Hoping you can discover some more dailies. If goes we have none!

  • June 3 and still none. :-) I also want daily puzzles. :-(
  • This is a shame. Although it's not a free option, it might be worth considering a subscription to the NY Times Premium puzzles, for access to a consistent supply of daily puzzles.
  • How much would that be? I prefer puzzles with a theme or humorous bent.
  • I believe the NY Times puzzles are something like $30-$40 a year. I haven't checked recently.
  • It looks like 'Chronicle of Higher Education' is gone too, along with as of 5/20 for last one. Our shrinking world...... :(

  • Hey guys - I spoke with another crossword app developer at Apple's conference this week, and he seemed optimistic that may just be "on vacation". Well, we can hope?
  • If you haven't already, this site has weekly puzzles (Saturdays) that often have amusing themes:
  • Thanks, pengman... That will keep me busy awhile!

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