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cannot open saved puzzles in across lite

edited March 2007 in Black Ink
If a crossword is saved in 'black ink', it seems to be saving it in a format not recognized by across lite (v2.0). Any new .puz file can be opened by both softwares, and after filling in part of the software in across lite and saving, it can be opened in 'black ink'. However if I save it using 'black ink' only black ink can open it again. Thus if i want to continue my puzzle on another computer (perhaps a windows pc) which does not have black ink, i cannot do so.
Can't black ink save the file in a universal .puz format which can be transported anywhere.


  • Unfortunately Across Lite uses a proprietary "checksum code" in their puzzles, which is not available to the public. So as soon as a puzzle is modified and saved back by Black Ink, it will no longer be readable by Across Lite.

    Other non-Across Lite clients should still be able to read the puzzles, though.

    A bummer, I know.

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