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Custom Post Types

edited April 2011 in MarsEdit
Using WordPress 3.1.1 and the WooThemes Listings theme, is it possible to add Custom Post Types within MarsEdit? I know how to add Custom Fields, but this is a Custom Post Type (not a Post and not a Page).

Many thanks!


  • Hi - I'm sorry to report that MarsEdit doesn't support setting custom post types yet. It's on my TODO list to look into supporting this.
  • Not a problem, Daniel, thanks!
  • Checking in on this custom post type question. This is looming up for us as something we need to add to our blog and would love to stick with MarsEdit. Need some idea of if this is a 2012 item or not. Any info would be helpful so we can plan better.
  • Hi heuristocrat. I appreciate the desire to know more about when to expect this, but I have only ever gotten myself into trouble trying to predict when features will finally get implemented. I am afraid I can't speculate about it, but can only say that it's still on my planning list.
  • Just so that it is said here: +1 for Post Types.
  • Thanks, mkalina.
  • ditto+1 for post types
  • Yes Please!!! Custom Post Types!.
    Guaranteed that feature will attract a lot of attention.
  • Thanks for the continued encouragement.
  • Me too, this is a must-have, please.
  • Also featured image capability - Mars Edit is the best at what it does, custom post types and featured image would make it perfect. I'd never need to login to WP Dashboard again :-)
  • +1 on custom post types. need those asides.
  • Another vote for this feature from me. Would love to see this in MarsEdit, Daniel. :)
  • +1 for Custom Post Types and Featured Images. I agree with 58twelve. Those two features mean that I never have to touch the WP dashboard again! And that just makes the world a little bit brighter to live in...
  • Hi Daniel

    *bump* just wondering if Custom Post Types is on your roadmap? maybe you have a development list that people can vote on what comes next please?
  • Hi Damien - it is on my roadmap, in fact I'm suffering personally from the lack of the support :( But unfortunately I don't have an estimate for when it will be done. I don't have a voting mechanism for what comes next but I do take feedback seriously even though it often takes quite a while for things to come to fruition.
  • Sorry to hear about lack of support holding you back, Daniel. I am still desperate for this feature, though. Please please please make this a development priority. Especially as Wordpress gets more powerful and custom post types get even easier to use - this will be a killer feature - but also an amazingly useful one.
  • edited July 2013
    I agree. Sorry I don't have more to share at this point. When I do have something in the works I will be sure to share a beta release here so folks can try it out as soon as possible.
  • Another +1 here for Post Formats (Types) and for Featured Images support in Marsedit. I loathe having to use the Wordpress front-end, but without support in Marsedit for these features it can't be avoided.

    Quite frankly Daniel, I'd be totally prepared to pay for these features with an in-app purchase or an upgrade. It'd be worth it for the ability to do everything post related from the desktop.
  • edited August 2013
    Vlahn, if you are talking about WordPress post formats in MarsEdit there is a solution. If you talk about post types there is not.

    The link points to my blog, where I have published code necessary to change MarsEdit's standard-format into specific post formats like link- or video-posts. The text around the code is in German, but I think the code - and its comments - is self-explanatory.

    Concerning your question about the featured image, I do not see why setting it through a MarsEdit custom field should not work.
  • Thanks for the link to your post Mkalina. I'm assuming most of that code needs to go in the functions.php - where do you call it from though? Do I place it in the post itself or within a php file inside the wordpress post loop?

    Also, I believe with the recent versions of wordpress that the featured image cannot be set using custom fields anymore - using 'thumb' or 'thumbnail' doesn't seem to elicit a result. Do you know a way to do this?
  • Hi, just put it in your functions.php. The code is triggered by the "publish_post" action automatically on publishing a new article or editing an already published article.

    What I meant with including the featured image, is that you could use a custom field temporarily:

    * Upload the image you want as a featured image.
    * Add the image's id to a custom field, say "featured-image".
    * Add code to my function that uses the id from this featured-image-custom field to set it as the post thumbnail (you would want to look for "set_post_thumbnail"). Afterwards delete the "featured-image" custom field.

    I unfortunately cannot help you with this, but it should not be too difficult to get this working if you look at how I read out custom fields, how I use their contents and how the set_post_thumbnail-function works.
  • Thanks Mkalina.

    I've used your script, and it works as advertised for changing post formats.

    I've been trying to alter your script so that it checks a SINGLE custom field called 'entry-type' for a value (either: video, audio, link or image). However I cannot get the syntax right.

    Basically, by having the script check against a single custom field, it means in Marsedit I don't need to have four or five text boxes for meta-data in the head of each draft. (which takes up half my screen real-estate!)

    Do you have any idea how I should modify it? I tried else and elseif, but must have done something wrong as it only worked for the first if statement not the others.
  • If you always use just these post-types you can minimize the whole function into something in the lines of this (see below)... although I do not see the benefit here as you would have to add even another custom field, where the necessary meta-data for your post format is saved into.

    function change_post_format( $post_id ) {
    $postformat = get_post_meta( $post_id, 'entry-type', true );
    if ( $postformat)
    set_post_format( $post_id, $postformat );
    add_action( 'publish_post', 'change_post_format' );
  • I wrote a simple plugin to handle this issue:

    It will convert a post to a specific post format based on the presence of a custom field. I hope this can help bridge the gap until Daniel is able to build it into MarsEdit.
  • Very cool, Marcelo - thanks for sharing!
  • edited March 2014
    Hi. Just bought MarsEdit. Any hope for custom post type support soon?
  • vrsnake, are you asking for custom post types or just post formats (like gallery, aside, chat, etc.)? Rereading this thread I noticed that the terms are falsely used most of the time. (Even by me.)

    The point in this is that you can easily make post formats work by using Mars Edit's custom field-feature and the ideas that marcelosomers and I have developed here.
  • Thanks mkalina for pointing out the confusion with terminology.

    vrsnake, thanks for purchasing MarsEdit. I would like to support both custom post types and custom post formats at some point, but I don't have a specific timeline I can promise on that front. Hopefully the app is still useful to you without these features in the mean time.
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