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More nits: puzzle position, title display

edited March 2007 in Black Ink
When picking the window position, Black Ink seems not to account for the width of the clue area and often puts much of it off-screen to the right so the puzzle needs immediate repositioning.

I noticed just now that the title/author line at the bottom of the puzzle window is shortened by elision in the same way as long clues. But unlike the long clues, hovering over it doesn't display the full text.


  • I just realized there's an obscure feature here. If you click on a title or clue whose middle is elided, you see the first part with no elision. But then you can't see the last part, and there seems to be no way to scroll.
  • Hmm - yeah there's no way to scroll it... you have to make the whole window bigger in order to see the whole thing.

    I should probably make the text fit no matter what, even if it means making the font smaller. Then people could grow the window if the text was too small.

    Point taken about the centering code not being exactly right when there are wide clues (your first comment).

  • Making the text fit "no matter what" runs into trouble with very long titles or clues. I'd be OK with no scaling at all, as long as there's a cartoon balloon. (You know, the transient legend that pops up when you hover over something.) That works for clues already, should be easy to add for the title/author info.
  • Of course - the hovering text cues should be done there - good idea.
  • Today's NYT puzzle has a very long "title" (actually a note), most of which is unviewable in Black Ink. There's no hovering text cue and no scrolling. My workaround was to triple-click the title, copy it, and paste it into another app.
  • Thanks - I've captured that puzzle and will use it as a test case for a bug report to make long titles readable somehow.
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