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Show "draft" or "published" in the Posts-List?

edited May 2011 in MarsEdit
I use Wordpress und work a lot with draft posts and would like to see in the list of posts if they are already published or still in draft. Is there a solution?


  • Hi - there is a column you can show in the list. Select View -> Columns -> Post Kind. This should help a bit at least.
  • Perfect solution, I am a totally green user using the trial version to see how it will work with Wordpress blogs and this was one of my first questions. Perfect timing! Thanks.
  • Glad that it worked well for you!
  • Any idea why this doesn't function properly with MovableType and server-side drafts?

    All my posts in MarsEdit show as "Published Post" in the "Post Kind" column, even though 7 of them are still server-side unpublished drafts.
  • PingTrip - I think this is one of the annoying side-effects of MovableType "not really" supporting draft status for posts. It can be configured (which you've evidently done) to accept the "publish = NO" status of a post to mean draft, but it doesn't relay that information back to MarsEdit in any meaningful way, so MarsEdit assumes they are published.
  • edited May 2012
    Sorry to resurrect this thread but which value in the entry data are you using to determine if "Post Kind" should equal "Published Post"?

    With this response:


    MarsEdit displays the entry as a "Published Post", when my assumption is that it should be a "Draft".

    Update: I also modified the response to indicate the value was a SOAP Data type of 'boolean', but it has the same result of the post being "Published".


  • Currently since there is no official, definitive attribute for Movable Type (that I know of) to indicate publish/draft status, it doesn't have anything specific to look for in Movable Type's case.

    However, when I added support for WordPress's Publish/Draft status, I added it in such a way that it will also be detected from Movable Type API, in the hopes that Movable Type would adopt the same standard, with attribute named "post_status". If this value is equal to "draft" then MarsEdit will mark the post as draft. Otherwise it will mark the post as published.
  • Thanks Daniel! I modified my code and added a "post_status" attribute to the response and it works as expected.
  • Great to hear!
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