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Feature Request: Cut&Paste Full HTML and not just text

edited March 2007 in MarsEdit
While it works no problem when sending over from an RSS reader like NetNewsWire. If I use the MarsEdit JavaScript or regular Cut&Paste from my browser, one feature I miss is the bringing over of the Full HTML(The rich text) including the links the text may contain. If a site I'm excerpting from has link pointing to additional pages to support their comments I'd like to bring those links over with the text also.

If not everyone wants their entries brought over this way, a global default(or by blog) could be set in the prefs, or have two keyboard/menu commands for the paste cmd-V for normal text paste and Shift-cmd-V for full HTML paste.

While tomorrow would be nice ;-) Just getting on the RoadMap for Ver 2 would be enough. :-)


  • Hmm -- I think you could get a long way towards this functionality with a good AppleScript for each of the cases of the browser and NNW. You'd want to ask the client app for the HTML text before sending it over to MarsEdit.

    I can look into accepting HTML paste for 2.0 but yeah, it's not going to be a top priority right now :)
  • The NNW part is already in place. I was just using it as an example. That is of course assuming that the RSS feed that NNW is processing already HTML in it to start with, it passes it along to MarsEdit and then you passed it along to Drupal.
  • Sorry - I misread your original post slightly.

    I can probably put together another bookmarklet to do what you're describing - it could just grab the HTML for the entire web page and send it to MarsEdit.

    Would that help in the short term?

  • Here's something to try ... put this in a bookmarklet (you can "Install Bookmarklet" from MarsEdit, then edit the address and paste this in instead):

    Not as good as being able to copy/paste just a part of a page, but it's a start :)
  • I just gave it a try(created it manually) and it worked on FireFox 1.5 I had a MarsEdit entry that was the full page of HTML ready to edited down too the parts I want.

    Thanks, this makes it easier when the text you're bringing over has lots of links that you would like to keep, and your source wasn't an RSS feed.

    So does the speed of these responses mean that ver 2.x will be out by Monday ? ;-)
  • Hahah! That would truly be a miracle :)
  • I would like the ability to cut/paste ful html, too. And just a selected section of text as opposed to a full page. Bringing over the entire page requires way too much editing in most cases for me.
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