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Losing Line Breaks

Some time in the not too distant past, MarsEdit stopped converting line breaks when I push to my BlogSpot blog. The posts preview fine, but when they get pushed over, the line breaks not only don't get converted to
, they actually seem to get deleted so that my post becomes one long run-on paragraph.

I can work around it by copying my HTML from MarsEdit and pasting it into the Edit Post dialog at BlogSpot, but that's kind of a pain. Does anyone have any idea how I can get the old behavior back?


  • Hi Jeff - it's important first of all to understand that MarsEdit doesn't do any automatic line break conversion on its own, except for in the preview window. The line breaks are added at the discretion of the blog system.

    That said, a number of niggling details like this have gotten better recently with a newer Blogger API. If you open up the blog settings in MarsEdit, and look under "General", what is the setting for System API? Try changing it to Google Data Protocol 2.0, of it's not already set to that. With the API set to this, does the behavior improve?

  • Daniel:

    Oddly enough, changing it back to Blogger Atom got me the behavior I used to have. Apparently that interface does the line feed conversion automatically.

    I might have to adjust my habits and starting putting line breaks in manually...

  • Hm, thanks for letting me know. In general I recommend sticking with the Google Data Protocol because it is much better at preserving HTML.

    I am guessing this is dependent on the Blogger server-side setting for whether to "Convert Line Breaks." I assume you have that turned off. I would recommend turning it on, except, I'm not sure what the impact is then on older posts. It might be worth a try though.

    At some point I hope to add the ability to run client-side processing on the post before submitting, where something like applying the line breaks would be possible in MarsEdit itself.
  • I was experiencing this problem too, with MarsEdit 3.4.2 on OS X 10.6.8.

    My blog is set to convert line breaks. I tried it both with Google Data and Atom. Neither change had an effect.

    What's strange is it was only happening on half my post. The top half was fine. However, no matter how many line breaks I put in the bottom half, they didn't show up in the preview window, or on the blog when posted.

    I ended up fixing it by copying all the text out, pasting it into a plain-text editor, deleting the post, then creating a new post and reformatting the text. Next time it happens I'll create a movie and reach out to Daniel to see if he wants to debug it more in depth.
  • Thanks for the details, wadesworld. I would definitely like to try to debug this next time it happens. The specific HTML of the post probably was exhibiting some bug in MarsEdit or on Blogger.
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