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tag support on Movable Type

edited March 2007 in MarsEdit
Is there any likelihood of an upcoming release supporting Tagging (especially on MT).

I love MarsEdit, but its a pain to have to go into MT's web based interface to add tags on every post, and I'd rather not switch to something that does.

If its not planned .... any recommendations for an alternative to MarsEdit that supports it.

- Mitra


  • Hi Mitra - I am currently evaluating the options for supporting "categories" and "tags" in a reasonable way for the next major update to MarsEdit. The way this goes a lot of the time is MarsEdit can only do as much as the API for a particular blog system allows, so I have to do some research and see how many of the current systems let you add tags on the fly.

    Ideally I'd like to allow selection of categories *and* addition of tags to a blog entry, if the blog system allows it. I'm not sure when this will all come together but rest assured I'm working on it.

    If anybody knows of any examples of client apps that do allow this please let us know. I'd like to take a look at them.

  • There's an MT plugin script that's called KeywordsAsTags that will take your keywords and switch them into your tags. The benefit being you get your tags on posts, the loss being your keywords are the same as your tags.
  • Thanks, I could probably use that as a worst case if Red Seater don't intend supporting it. I don't think anyone is using Keywords on any of the blogs that I use MarsEdit on.

    Its a pity that MarsEdit doesn't support it, tags are becoming prevalent everywhere these days.
  • Has there been any process on adding Tag support (on Movable Type) to MarsEdit?

    - Mitra
  • Hi Mitra - it's still planned but I can't give a precise estimate. Suffice to say I know this is a huge deal and will make a lot of people happy. I'm working on it!
  • I'm trying the trial version right now, and I really like it.

    What's keeping me on the fence right now about purchasing a license for it are these items:

    1. I do realize that Tags is a redundant field, but I don't like using underscores to keep 2, or more, words together in my keywords block.
    2. More buttons for commonly used features that could be added to the Toolbar, ie bold, blockquote, link, etc.
    3. Remembering window sizes, especially the post window.
    4. A line break default setting for Preview under Preferences.

    I would've started a new thread but one of my concerns was already mentioned, so I piggy backed it here.

    I like the interface for MT 3 and 4. However, I don't like using the web browser for blogging because it can get tedious at times, from the browser crashing to switching between tabs. For me to buy something as a replacement it would have to give me a comparable MT experience, ie the features and ease of use that I'm used to, and switching to another blogging platform (ie WordPress, Blogger) is not an option. I do understand that it's hard to make something that covers a broad spectrum, and that there are other priorities (code bugs, security, etc), so I do understand some sacrifices have to be made. One option that I wouldn't have a problem with is if there was a CGI/PHP code that I could point ME on my computer to on my server that will enable ME to interact with my database directly.
  • I haven't upgraded yet, sounds like you are saying that Tags aren't supported yet, only keywords, so I guess I wont' bother upgrading.
  • mitra: Yep - still limited to keywords. So if tags are the only thing you think would be worthwhile in an upgrade, you should hold off.
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