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WooTumblog support ?

edited July 2011 in MarsEdit
Hello !

I just launched a reworked version of my blog ( if you want to see the result) and I wanted to know if MarsEdit can support the Tumblog "categories" ?

With the custom fields, I managed to make it ALMOST work, but I still miss the tumblog stuff. :/

Check those pics ->

WP Admin :
ME Post edit :

The missing part is the "tumblogs" categories at the bottom of the sidebar in WP Admin.

Btw, you need to update that UI so all the custom fields don't "uglify" it that much. ;)

Thanks for you help.

PS : Marsedit maybe my most used software since my 1st Macbook Pro around 2005. Thx again for that awesome software and the AWESOME anti-crash feature years before Lion. Saved my ass more than once. :)


  • Hi - not sure I understand what "Tumblog categories" are ? They are different from the normal WordPress categories? Do you expect them to appear in the same list with the other categories?

    Glad you have been a long-time satisfied MarsEdit user!

  • edited July 2011
    mmm I think it's using taxonomy to do "others" categories but I really don't know how it's working. Sadly I'm no coder. ;)
    The plugin is here if you want to check it.

    Right now I just use ME to write a post then copy paste it and set everything inside WP admin. Sad workflow. ;)
  • Ah - thanks, I just looked at your picture again and I see now the Tumblogs categories list in the UI. There is certainly no way presently for MarsEdit to display custom "extra" checkbox lists like this. The only way I can think to allow editing these values is if by some chance the plugin also uses a custom field for this, and actually stores it e.g. as a comma separated list of names. Then you could have a custom field for editing them by hand at least, even though not with a checkbox list.
  • Well, I hope something will come up. I think the post "type" that we got in WP 3.1 is behind all this. ;) Happy hunting !
  • @Cafeine -- If I'm not mistaken, the WooThemes "Tumblog Categories" are in the process of being replaced by WordPress's "Custom Post Types". All of their newer themes seem to treat the old format as "deprecated" and, for reasons that will become clear in my comment to Daniel, you may want to consider moving your theme/content in that direction.

    @Daniel -- It looks like with WP 3.1+, you can now get/set Custom Post Type information via XML-RPC. (From the 3.1 release notes: "XML-RPC expose post format details, new method: 'wp.getPostFormats', new field in methods dealing with posts: wp_post_format")

    I also found a few Trac items that may be of interest:

    Assuming that my read of this is correct and that, on some very happy day in the future, we might be able to use MarsEdit to publish Custom Post types... can I day-dream out loud and wish for it to be selectable via AppleScript as well? :D

  • Thanks, Justin, for all the useful links and info. I will have to dig through this a bit more when I get a chance. I have been planning to support custom post formats, but haven't totally figured out all the implications. I'm hoping it's as simple as presenting a list of the post formats to the user via a popup, similar to how Tumblr support in MarsEdit works today (Post "Kind" next to the blog popup).
  • If I'm right, WooTumblog moved to custom post format at 3.1 release already ? I may be wrong though :x
  • @Cafeine -- Yeah, I think that's right.... but they are still supporting the "old way" for a while since many people already have their content loaded in via the previous method.

    @Daniel -- I'm hoping that it's that simple as well! :D
  • Sounds like this could all "just work" if I get custom post format support hooked up for WordPress. No promises, as usual, but I want to look into this soon.
  • Hi Daniel

    ... I would also appreciate it if you can extend support for custom post types as I'm also a big user of WooThemes.


  • Thanks, Damien! It's still on my list. Hopefully won't be too long.
  • Should be possible now, and kinda IMPOSSIBLE for MarsEdit to not have. Or it will be a dead product soon. :(
  • edited December 2012
    (I was speaking about the custom post type ofc ;) )
  • Sorry - I can see how it would seem that way if you have a workflow that is highly dependent on custom post types.
  • Well, when I see Poster on iPad and Mars Edit right now, I'm kinda sad. Mars Edit is falling way behind the core features of Wordpress and other services. And don't get me wrong. I'm an old time customer / supporter ! ;)
  • I appreciate that. It's a challenge for me to keep up with all the evolving features of all the systems that MarsEdit supports, but the custom post format support for WordPress is definitely among my priorities.
  • edited January 2013
    Do you have a timeframe for when you expect to support post formats? Over in this thread you said it was on your TODO list nearly two years ago and now it's "among my priorities". Just trying to gauge realistically when this might be available. In 2013?

    Also, you probably know this, but please note that post formats are distinct from post types. WooTumblog can now use the native WordPress post formats instead of its custom post types that were used before the post format support was introduced in WordPress 3.1. Native post formats seem much simpler to support (from an outside perspective of course) than custom post types.
  • Sorry - I hate being reminded about how poorly I am able to keep up with the long list of things on my TODO list and that I do want to implement but that are repeatedly, for a variety of reasons, put off because of other priorities. Just for one example, I ended up last year having to spend a long time revamping MarsEdit's Tumblr support because of an unexpected deactivation of their previous API.

    It's challenging to develop and support a tool like MarsEdit because of the huge variety of improvements and the changing feature sets of the systems it supports.

    As you can guess, it's bad enough that I get caught making statements about priorities, and then reminded 2 years later they haven't happened. It would be even worse if I said specifically when I hoped to get something done.

    When I say it's still among my priorities, I mean it, but I'm afraid I can't be any more specific than that.
  • jxpx777: Thanks btw for the mention about post formats vs. custom post types. I found this post that helps clarify even further:
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