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Two more nits

edited April 2007 in Black Ink
1) The preference window disappears when you make another application active. Makes it hard to reference information in it when, for example, typing in a browser like this.
2) NYT classic. Checkbox is monday only (everything is the default) , but last week, I got the puzzle on Monday, then did open web puzzle later in the week, and it re-downloaded the same puzzle and opened as new (and two copies are in the NYT classic directory). Is this what is supposed to happen?



  • Hi Greg!

    1. Doh! An easy fix. Will be righted in the next update. I agree there's little value to hiding it when inactive. That behavior should be reserved for floating info panels and such.

    2. No - if it's the same puzzle it should have the same date. Thanks - I will look into that.

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