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Chronicle of Higher Education Puzzle

edited April 2007 in Black Ink
Is there a Black Ink URL that works for the Chronicle of Higher Education puzzle?

When I download it from the Chronicle site, it comes as a .txt file and I have to change it to a .puz file.



  • Hmm - it looks like the Chronicle of Higher Education puzzles are about 2 weeks or more behind ... I think this is what is throwing Black Ink off with regard to the expected URL:

    Black Ink uses the URL format along with the current date to try to guess the right URL for the latest puzzle. Since the puzzles come out on Fridays, one would think for instance that there was a puzzle to download on March 30, but there isn't one yet.

    I'm not sure what the best solution for this would be. Black Ink would have to have a more complicated means of specifying the puzzle URLs than the current setup.

  • The New York Sun puzzles are running a day behind, too. I just go through Will Johnston's puzzle pointers page and don't worry about the source URLs.
  • I've gotta make the fetch better somehow. Maybe at the very least it could offer to go back to the previous one when it fails.
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