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Modified characters in clues

edited April 2007 in Black Ink
In the New York Sun puzzle for 4/6 there are two clues which display poorly: 16A and 36D.

16a. Actress L”wensohn of "Nadja"
36d. "The Old Maid" playwright Zo‰

I think both involve umlauts, but it's hard to tell.


  • Hmm - I think there was a problem encoding this puzzle. I'm going to get in touch with the editor to be sure, but I notice that the same problem occurs with Across Lite and with the web interface to the NY Sun (well in the web interface it just removes the characters entirely).

    I examined the puzzle file and for instance, the hex character in "Zo‰" is 0x89, the Windows CP1252 encoding character for "per mille".

    As far as I know, CP1252 is the expected encoding for these puzzle files.

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