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New URL pattern for NY Times Premium

edited August 2011 in Black Ink
Looks like the NY Times has changed the URL pattern for it's premium puzzle service. Will you be issuing a Black Ink update with the new pattern?



  • Hi Vicky - thank you for bringing this up. Another customer noticed the same thing, and let me know that the new format is:

    You can edit this manually by opening up your NY Times Premium source in Black Ink, under Preferences.

    I won't be issuing an update for this because actually the NY Times Premium source is not one of the standard sources in Black Ink. I hope to add it eventually when I have smoothed out the experience of offering sources that require authentication/login.

  • I'm trying to setup Black Ink to pull in my NYT premium crosswords using the url above but when I try to use it I get an error saying it couldn't find a crossword. The url it tries to access is ...xword/2012/09/18/Sep1812.puz, but today is Oct. 19. Any idea why the program is coming up one month and one day short of the actual date? My computer is set to the right date, so it seems like it's subtracting one from the value of the day and month before generating the url.
  • Hi Ben - this behavior sounds like what will happen if you don't have "cookies" in Safari indicating that you have logged in and have access the puzzles in question. Please try visiting this site:

    Log in with your NY Times Premium Crosswords-enabled account, and then open the puzzle again from Black Ink.
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