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Upcoming Wordpress 2.2 xml-rpc support for pages, tagging

edited April 2007 in MarsEdit
Daniel, I'm not sure if you are aware of the changes in the upcoming Wordpress 2.2 (slated to be released on April 19th)
It has xml-rpc api support for adding/editing pages
Some tickets related to tagging and importing from UTW tags, converting from category to tags

Was wondering if you were considering incorporating support for page editing and tagging in MarsEdit 1.x

Regards, Yusuf


  • Thanks Yusuf for pointing me to this information. I didn't realize how much progress was being made on the Tags front.

    I haven't found much documentation about the support for pages, but I did look at the latest version of xmlrpc.php, and it's clear they are adding support for a separate "WordPress" API, to support the publishing and editing of pages.

    It would have been easier to support in MarsEdit if they had taken an approach more like Drupal, where simply specifying a "page" as the blogID causes the existing MovableType API to operate on pages instead of blog entries.

    But perhaps the WordPress approach is cleaner in the long run.

    Supporting page editing and tagging is going to require some substantial UI changes in MarsEdit, and I'm not sure those will happen in the timeframe of 1.x. Probably more likely to end up in 2.x.

  • I should have been more specific - MarsEdit *does* support tagging now, but only with blogs where tags can be specified in with the "Keywords" Movable Type field, or by way of embedded Technorati Tags.

    Inspired by your links, I checked out the state of the tagging support in the XML-RPC support for WordPress 2.2. There were some shortcomings, which I implemented patches for and submitted to WordPress:

    Thanks again for bringing this development to my attention,
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