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Resizing problems

edited April 2007 in Black Ink
Today's 23x23 NYT made me realize Black Ink hasn't got MacXword's resizing commands. On my 1024x768 display, the puzzle title/author info was off the bottom of the screen and I couldn't get it back. I couldn't reach the window's resize control, the green (+) did nothing, and there were no Command-minus and Command-equals menu items to shrink or fit the puzzle. Fortunately the entire grid was (just barely) visible.


  • Thanks, Ephraim. I've gotten some other feedback about wishing there were Cmd-+ and - menu options, so I think I will put those back in. I took them out when I implemented the "live resizing," but obviously there are situations like this where some keyboard access would be desirable. Of course, the Zoom button (green) should always cause it to just fit in the screen confines, so there is probably a bug there as well.
  • This is a problem again with the 25x25 NY Sun jumbo puzzle of September 19th:

    Even worse than the 23x23 puzzle I first wrote about, the bottom rows of this one are completely off the screen and unreachable.
  • Thanks for reminding me about this problem. I'll try to get the Cmd=+ and Cmd-- options working again for the next update.
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