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Tables via the Rich Editor?

edited September 2011 in MarsEdit
Quick question... has anyone found a good workflow for tables in the rich-text editor?

Daniel - will this ever be added to the editor so we can create/resize/restructure tables in our posts?

Thanks for any consideration.


  • I am interested in continuously enhancing the Rich Editor, but I want to be careful not to get too caught up in spending my time on building a "full fledged HTML editor" when it would be more appropriate to focus on very blogging-specific features of the app.

    I won't rule out adding built-in support for tables in the editor, but they strike me as fairly uncommon in most blog content. Longer term what I envision is supporting plugins and user customizations that would make it easy to add functionality like this to MarsEdit without cluttering the UI for everybody who will not take advantage of the feature.
  • I create tables by using the MultiMarkdown markup language which isn't quite perfect but I've quickly adapted to using it. It much more more intuitive than using HTML with TextExpander.

  • Daniel,

    I understand your position completely. It was a 'nice thing' to ask for. I've actually found that I can better support tables with a plug-in for Wordpress (wordpress-tables-reloaded) so much of my need can be satisfied on the server side for tabular-style data.

    There are definitely higher-priority items to address with Marsedit, so I'll throw my votes behind other needs (like post image thumbnails that are linked to the actual images, editing of image properties, resizing of thumbnails, etc.

    taphagreg - can you give me any insight into what makes MultiMarkdown better and more intuitive? I've looked into it, but I'd probably best benefit from a short example of what you are talking about - specifically around creating a table.

  • edited October 2011

    I also would love to get to know how easily tables can be added to a post, either via Markdown or a Script or whatever? Any tutorials or help?

    Very appreciated! Many thanks in advance! Of course a built in table feature would be great also ;-)
  • At this point I don't have a specific workflow to recommend for putting tables into posts. The best I can suggest is "find a way to get the markup" and then paste it into MarsEdit with Edit -> Paste HTML Text. There are probably some custom table builder helpers out there. You could also consider e.g. editing the post in BBEdit or something where there are more tools like this for markup editing.
  • It's been three years now and table support has been quite overdue. The reason is I wanted to write a how-to post for migrating between two programming interfaces. I needed a good way to at a glance show the "old" things and what is the equivalent "new" things. A table is exactly what I had in mind, and it's a real shame that MarsEdit still doesn't support it.
  • Hi adib - I'm sorry the feature is still not there. There are lots of things I'm working on for MarsEdit. It's always improving, but I know it's frustrating when specific features are not implemented. It's still on my list.
  • I'd LOVE to have a simple table editor in the rich text UI. Been missing it for years. There are lots of times I'd like to have a small table in my posts. Just saying.
  • Thanks, it's a great idea. I'm glad to know it will be appreciated when I finally get a chance to add it :)
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