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Starting from a downloaded puzzle

edited April 2007 in Black Ink
If Black Ink is not running and I download a puzzle, Black Ink starts, but starts frozen - i.e. force quit. The problem is that BI wants to present its "Web Puzzle Chooser" window (selected in Preferences) but this is somehow blocked by the puzzle.

The result is that you can move the selected entry with the tab and arrow keys, but not with the cursor (which only elicits a beep). The fix, of course, is to make sure BI is started first and dismiss that window, then go to Preferences>Startup and uncheck the box that shows the WPChooser.


  • Does this happen with all puzzles? I just tried on a simple test and couldn't get it to happen. The chooser does pop up, which is a bug I want to fix, but it's possible to click the "close window" button to get rid of it.
  • edited April 2007
    Tracked it further: using a puzzle.

    With the preference for the puzzle chooser selected, quit BI, go to Los Angles Times Puzzle Archive, for example, click on a calendar day link (a red date) and BI will start and bounce its icon in the Dock. Click on the Puzzle to play (but nowhere else) and try to use the cursor to select an answer. No dice. Now click away (back on the browser in my case) and the selection window will appear, close it and all is fixed. The problem is that if you don't leave BI and then refocus it, the chooser window will not appear and is not behind the puzzle either.

    If the puzzle chooser in unchecked, none of the above is a problem. The puzzle opens as it should and the GUI works properly.
  • Thanks for the detailed instructions. I will try to get this fixed for the next update.
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