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Fastscripts doesn't like my user folder on external drive

edited October 2011 in FastScripts
I just recently installed an SSD drive as my boot drive in my Mac mini. Because of space, I've moved my user folder to an external drive, which so far works well for most things. Fastscripts, however, refuses to run. When I try, it puts a spinner in the menubar for a moment and then quits.

Is there a workaround for this? Thanks for any help you can give.



  • Hi Kevin - hopefully it will reassure you to know that I myself use a home folder that is on a non-boot partition. We'll have to figure out what's going on specifically in your situation.

    Does the app give any kind of crash message when it quits? Or it just silent?

    When you put your home folder on the external volume, how did you achieve that? Did you change the home folder path in System Preferences, or are you using a symbolic link of some kind from the main volume?

  • Hi Daniel,

    I created a new user ID in System Prefs and then changed the location of the user folder using "Advanced Options." I then copied some items from my previous user account into my new account folder. My point was to ditch some accumulated cruft from the old user folder while moving to the new drive.

    The program says nothing. I have Crash Reporter report, if you want me to send it via email I will (I'm assuming it's too long to post here).
  • Sending the crash reporter report would be fantastic! Thanks. is the right spot.
  • Thank you for sending the crash log. I think I see a good clue as to what is happening in the log. I should fix it in FastScripts, but from the clues I think you might be able to figure out what is going on and work around the problem on your end as well.

    Judging from the crash log, it would appear the situation FastScripts is running into is one in which somehow it is finding an alias that resolves to another alias, that somehow ends up resolving back to the SAME alias that started the whole loop. In short: it seems there is an alias cycle in the way your scripts are now laid out on disk.

    Is it possible that you still have a copy of the scripts in the old location on your disk (the main startup drive?) maybe try removing those and see if that resolves the problem?

  • Daniel,

    It looks like I stumbled into that answer when I removed the old files from my other hard drive. Thanks for all your hard work on this. Fastscripts works great now.
  • Great to hear!
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