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Disappointed user (not quite so disappointed now)

edited November 2011 in General Discussion
I recently purchased MarsEdit via the App Store to use as a tool for updating my Wordpress blog. I want to use my Wordpress blog as a micoblog as well as a place to publish articles. As such its very important that I can use the Wordpress features that facilitate this micro-blogging but unfortunately MarsEdit dose not suport ANY of these features as far as I can tell. Most important to me are: -

- Post Formats - For publishing image, video, quote, gallery, status etc posts
- Featured Image - for publishing a main image correctly

As a result its impossible for me to use MarsEdit to run my blog, it simply doesn't work. I have read back in the forums and there are people requesting these features months and years back, and the only response has been that these features are on the TODO list.

If it is simply not possible to access these features via the Wordpress API then please do let me know, however if it is and its just that they are not implemented in MarsEdit then I think I need to find an alternate solution.

Can anyone give me any hope that these features will make it into MarsEdit? Or suggest work arounds or plugins that would allow me to use my blog properly?

Very disappointed and experiencing significant buyers remorse.


  • Umm, lots of vitriol and not much accuracy. The limitation is that Wordpress doesn't not make it possible via the XML-RPC interface for MarsEdit to update them. Even worse, every theme handles these items in a different way and Wordpress has not standardised the API for it.

    MarsEdit can only act on the XML-RPC data available which is standard that works for many blog types. Wordpress isn't serious about supporting it. However, MarsEdit is still the best possible tool for writing and post submission and you will need to perform the other tasks in the Wordpress interface - which, have to be done somewhere.

    It's not perfect, but neither is Wordpress, Blogger, Movable Type for supporting these features by external editors.
  • Hi neotoxic - I'm very sorry to hear that MarsEdit hasn't met your expectations. I want you to know that, as a purchaser from the Mac App Store, I don't have any direct ability to refund you, but I believe that Apple is reasonable about accepting refund requests for situations like this. I encourage you to get in touch with them if you are not able to get good value from the app.

    You are right to surmise that MarsEdit doesn't support Post Formats or Featured Images yet. The challenge from my point of view is it's difficult to keep MarsEdit 100% up-to-date with every feature that every blog system supports. Even in situations where I see a great value to supporting some feature, it is not always supported via the interface (the API) that the system exposes to apps like MarsEdit.

    (taphagreg hits on some of these points above, thanks.)

    The bottom line is MarsEdit is a tool that offers a number of distinct advantages over editing via the web interface, but it's not a pure superset of web interface functionality. This is one reason why outside of the Mac App Store I like to encourage customers to use the 30-day free trial of the software before deciding whether to purchase or not. In the Mac App Store, unfortunately, there is no such facility.

  • Firstly thank you both for taking the time to respond to my post.

    I had done some digging around after I had made that post and found that whilst there is a patch for making post formats accessible via the API, and it has been checked into there Wordpress development branch, thats as far as it has gotten. I accept completely that this is outside of your control.

    In light of your very reasonable response, and that fact that you do offer a 30 day trial, which sadly I was unaware of having purchased though the App Store, I feel it would be unfair to request a refund. I hope that Wordpress get there API sorted soon and that MarsEdit will become the goto too blogging tool I was hoping for.

  • I appreciate your decision to stick it out for now. I do hope you will check in often to see how progress is being made with the app.
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