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formatting toolbar?

edited December 2011 in MarsEdit
a newbie question here, is there anyway to put the formatting options (bold, italics, text size, color etc) as a toolbar instead of it being a drop down list? i find it easier to have those buttons in view so that i actually remember to format my post nicely, so i'd really love it if there was such a feature :)


  • Hi - thanks for the feedback. I appreciate how the lack of a toolbar is annoying for folks who are more comfortable using a visual button bar or the like. I'd like to add this functionality in the future but for the time being I'm afraid I don't have any way of achieving this.
  • I would like to second this suggestion. I am a new user to Mars Edit, and having used other blogging interfaces I too miss having a graphical toolbar for the formatting functions. At least let us tear off the format menu to save a click every time we want to apply one of the formatting items.
  • i agree with the commenters. not having access to the main formats feature in one click is a big productivity problem. i am very frustrated to have paid so much for this software and not having elementary editing available at one click. It is just painful going each time to "Formats > bold" "formats> link" ...
  • Hi ourielohayon - I am sorry you are so frustrated. The point is well-taken that a graphical toolbar would be a great enhancement.

    Please bear in mind that I am very flexible about offering refunds for my software. I don't want anybody to be frustrated to the point of regretting what they paid for the software. If you decide that the app is not fulfilling your expectations just get in touch with me at and I will advise you about getting a refund.
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