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Export Bug?

edited April 2007 in FlexTime
I've just written a routine of about 20 minutes, saved it, and tried to export it to iTunes.

The "generatomg audio for iTunes" message comes up, but the bar never gets going from left to right. I left it for a couple hours and nothing happened... it's definitely not processing.

I had tried a shorter routine on another computer a couple weeks ago. The only difference is that now I'm on an Intel Mac.

Any ideas?



  • Definitely sounds like a bug, Brad. Can you do me a favor and peek in the system console:


    See if there is any text printed out around the time of the export failure? It might provide a clue!

  • there's nothing showing up in the console.

    BUT -- i just sent the same file to my other mac (a G5) and tried again, and it worked.

    could it be an intel thing after all?

  • It could be ... but I did test the exporting on my MacBook Pro. I might have to put together a test build of FlexTime with some debugging printing built-in. But in the meantime can you confirm that exporting fails *all* the time on this Mac? If you just try to export the default FlexTime new document, does that exhibit the same problem?
  • yeah, even the blank doc.

    btw -- the mac is brand new, as of last week.
  • I will update to the latest iTunes and see if I can reproduce the problem on my MacBook Pro. That's the only thing I can think of that might be different in the equation.

    Will let you know if I find anything! Thanks,

  • Sorry - one more question - does the "Generating Audio for iTunes" dialog fill up with blue ... that is does the generating appear to complete before it hangs? Or does it stay stuck at no progress? This will tell me whether the bug is likely to be in generating the audio, or in sending it over to iTunes.
  • stuck at no progress
  • Thanks, it sounds like FlexTime is failing to get the audio generated. I'll try to add some debugging logs to FlexTime and send you a testing copy, if you're game. Thanks!
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